Day Nineteen: The Whoa of Homework

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

This is all I am writing today. Double Hah. Fat chance.  I will be writing all day long, it just won’t be much toward my NaNo.  I have focused so much on my novel (that I am really not writing) I have neglected my school stuff.

Between NaNo obligations and school obligations I feel I am about to drown from word and number hovering.  I feel like a giant sponge hovers above my head, saturated with words and numbers, which dribbles down on me as a reminder to get writing and to get studying.  Soon the dribble is going to go into full out deluge mode. Besides the dread of death by word and number asphyxiation there is the fact I am too tired to do anything. If I had enough energy I would shout: I WANT TO SLEEP!  I still haven’t gotten into the dark to dark routine. If I were a bear I would climb into my cave, put out the “Do Not Disturb Until Spring” sign.

I went to bed after 1 a.m. due to all my homework.  The last thing I studied for was my vocabulary test. When the words began to blur together I thought it’s time to call it a day, actually I called it a night.  The test is for Mrs. X, which increases the doom factor.  It’s nearly impossible to pass her vocabulary quizzes.

Her vocabulary tests are crazy hard. We have to memorize the following word parts: the prefix, root, and suffix of each word off the list she gives us.  We also have to know the definition AND the correct spelling.  This is every week.  She says it will prepare us for our SAT tests.

“If you can identify any part of the word, you should be able to identify the correct word from the choices available when faced with the vocabulary section of a high stakes test.”  Sounds good in theory.    I  also had to read and answer the assigned questions for a short story for her class, finish up my history report, restudy my last geometry test since Mr. A allows one retake a quarter and my 48 out of a 100 prompted me to take him up on the offer. I’m glad the week is almost over and there are only three days of school.  I’m ready for some time off.  I hope I don’t nod off in any of my classes, and if I do I will probably mumble roots and prefixes in my sleep.  I think I’m becoming delirious with too much studying.

At least I squeezed in this measly entry for today.  I shall persevere and not succumb to quitting. Yet.


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