Day Twenty-Nine: The Friend List

I need to get past this childhood phobia about making friends.  I mean, seriously, it’s time I grew up and accept that life is full of change, that people come and go out of my life all the time. If I were taking in friend resumes Simone has all the necessary  qualities of “looking for good friend–inquire within.”  Oh yeah, let’s get reflective for a moment:  The Friend Checklist.

1.  Nice: an essential quality.  Nice rates higher than influential or popular any day.  I’ve seen and heard girls who bicker and argue about really dumb stuff.  Who cares who talked to whom and who is wearing what and why so and so is doing what with whomever?  Nice is really nice to have in a friend.

2.  Funny: good times are important.  Who doesn’t like to laugh?  I’m not talking about the ridiculous snort giggle thing that happens sometimes when everything seems absolutely ridiculous, although those moments have their place.  I’m talking about sharing those unexpected moments, like teaching me how to say, “I would like a cheeseburger in French,” or taking a French girl to an American Burger King and ordering french fries. It’s all about seeing life from another side.  Simone makes me smile from the inside out.

3. The DR factor: this is the Dependable/Reliable Factor.  Who wants to be left waiting for someone?  Who wants to have to say, “But you said…only to have the other person deny it?  I don’t, and so far Simone has shown great DR Factor. Keeping secrets like crushes are part of the DR Factor, too..

4. Unselfishness: putting the you before the I.  One thing I notice about Simone is her willingness to share.  She shares her food, time, and herself with me, and she doesn’t expect anything in return.  She also doesn’t focus on herself, she honestly wants to know about me.  I think this is her big sister side coming out.

5. Smart: I like hanging out with people who enjoy thinking.  Simone likes to read, so do I.  She likes to do well in her classes, so do I.  She likes learning about new things, and so do I.  She hasn’t made me feel stupid about being smart.  Some kids act like it’s a contagious disease to like learning.

6. BTM initiative: Better-Than-Me.  I don’t know how to word this, but here goes.  I like how Simone makes me want to better myself.  She inspires me to dress better, read more, look around and notice life more.  I’m not jealous of her, or feel inferior around her, I feel than I can do better by being around her.  In PE, our teacher, who is also a tennis coach, said something that really stuck with me. “In order to become a better player, you have to play someone who is better than you.”  That makes sense to me.

7.  Stable:  no drama queens allowed.  I wouldn’t want to have a friend who is on an emotional roller coaster.  One day Robin Williams crazy funny and the next time Kristen Stewart blah depressed would be aggravating to be around. I like how Simone is usually the same mood: happy.  Happy is more than a state of mind, it’s contagious.  When I’m feeling a bit down Simone’s cheerful outlook on life gets me up.

I wonder if Simone has her own friend checklist.  I hope I don’t fail hers. I do find it ironic I am making friends with a foreign exchange student, someone guaranteed to be leaving, and her home is across the country, separated by an ocean as well.  Sometimes friendships happen despite the known outcome.


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