December Photo A Day: Post #9

December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday

Day 24: Tradition
A couple of years ago we began  exchanging goodies and good cheer with a couple of our neighbors.  Our one neighbor, an older bachelor who is a local musician, makes these incredible cookies.  I think they are Swedish. They are like shortbread with this creamy sweet filling.  I think it’s funny he loads them into these plastic Chinese take-out boxes.  Definitely multi-cultural.


Day 25: lunchtime
umm, they were part of lunch as well.  It’s soooo hard to resist holiday goodies.


Day 26: mess
Not much of a mess since everything is in tidy little shiny bags.  I know of one family where they have a real prankster who did the whole box in a box present thing.  He had shredded up all his old homework and used it as package filler.  Once those packages were opened  a bona-fide explosion of notebook confetti flew around the room.  I guess they found paper bits clear into April.  We are a tidy family.  Although I think Christmas mess is totally healthy and is probably quite fun.


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