The Emily Project: Part One/Life–XI (Much Madness)

It's... Madness Too

It’s… Madness Too (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edith offered only a check on this one, which means I am stopping without the help of her usual notes.




Much madness is divinest sense


To a discerning eye;


Much sense the starkest madness.


’T is the majority


In this, as all, prevail.


Assent, and you are sane;


Demur, – you’re straightway dangerous,


And handled with a chain.



Edith: I could have really used a bit more help on this one besides a check.



Me: Craziness.  I can relate to operating outside of what it considered the norm. I do know that some of more famous people of history were considered crazy.  Think about DaVinci–helicopters, back then?  But no padded room from him. He was considered a genius.  So who decides the line between madness and genius? Emily notes that if you go with the crowd you are considered sane and should you go against the flow then you get clipped with the chain.  Did she speak from experience or observation?  Wearing white and going on permanent staycation probably put her on the chain gang.   I have read people referred to her as “The Myth,” which sounds like they knew her to be a bit odd, but were okay with it. Sane or Mad–it comes down to perspective, I think.





4 responses to “The Emily Project: Part One/Life–XI (Much Madness)

  1. Thanks for the comment, nice blog. I like that opening poem

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