Who is Vera?


/ˌvɛrəsɪˈmɪlɪˌtud, -ˌtyud/ noun

1. the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability
2. something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth.


1. the appearance of a teenage girl attempting the 2012 NaNoWriMo challenge

Considering verisimilitude  is all about the appearance of reality, there is not much reality to this blog. Therefore, this serves as a confessed deception.  For this I believe forgiveness will be granted for the sake of creativity.

Verasimilitude is my 2012 NaNoWriMo entry.  It’s in the voice of fifteen year old “Vera” who committed to the 30 day challenge because she is desirous of the promised extra credit.

Update: not willing to leave Vera (how can I delete an extension of my personality?) I now have her trying out different types of challenges from Photo-a-Day to deciphering Emily Dickinson and exploring new literary terms Vera is determined to keep writing and to overcome her penchant for procrastination by creating deadlines for herself.

Who is Vera:

  • self-proclaimed collector of words
  • only child of two professional writers who live a conservative bon vivant lifestyle
  • a student of merit held back by her acknowledged procrastinatory tendencies
  •  a long time crush of Eddie Lipenstein
  • has preferential parent syndrome
  • a Bardanator versus a fan of Shakespeare
  • extra credit junkie
  • lives in a town large enough to possess two Starbucks and one high school and a small mall
  • on the cusp of getting her driver’s license providing she can overcome fear of parallel parking and freeway merging
  • copes with commitment issues

Vera is art imitating life.  She is a teen whom I might have been had I known what I know now, which is: 1) knowing what a gerund is does not make a huge difference in terms of becoming a success in life 2) using a calculator is all the math I need to know 3) taking a big leap, like writing a 50,000 word novel should be tried at least once in life 4) a well-stocked personal vocabulary is like a well-stocked pantry–it is a means of ample sustenance to be shared with others.


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