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December Photo A Day: Post #9

December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday

Day 24: Tradition
A couple of years ago we began  exchanging goodies and good cheer with a couple of our neighbors.  Our one neighbor, an older bachelor who is a local musician, makes these incredible cookies.  I think they are Swedish. They are like shortbread with this creamy sweet filling.  I think it’s funny he loads them into these plastic Chinese take-out boxes.  Definitely multi-cultural.


Day 25: lunchtime
umm, they were part of lunch as well.  It’s soooo hard to resist holiday goodies.


Day 26: mess
Not much of a mess since everything is in tidy little shiny bags.  I know of one family where they have a real prankster who did the whole box in a box present thing.  He had shredded up all his old homework and used it as package filler.  Once those packages were opened  a bona-fide explosion of notebook confetti flew around the room.  I guess they found paper bits clear into April.  We are a tidy family.  Although I think Christmas mess is totally healthy and is probably quite fun.



December Photo A Day: Post #8

December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday

Day 20: Weather
Bad news: unexpected snow storm dropped six inches overnight
Good news: SNOW DAY!!! NO SCHOOL!!!


Day 21: Tree(s)
See above photo to understand why I got on my laptop to look up palm trees.  A definite case of wishful thinking of where I would rather be.



Day 22: Decoration
Say what you might, but I really like this Christmas decoration.  I have no idea where it came from.  With its cheery glow it reminds me of those Norman Rockwell calendars we get from the local pharmacy.  Quaint and old-fashioned when Christmas didn’t seem so rushed and commercialized.


December Photo-A-Day Post #3

December photo a day list! #FMSphotoaday

Day #4: black and white
Day 4Black or white has all kinds of possibilities: penguins, chocolate chips dribbled on vanilla frozen yogurt, and of course, the printed page.  I love to read.  I’m not quite ready to fold into the world of the Kindle. Not yet.  There’s something so clear and so precise about seeing words in black ink printed on white paper.  That crisp exactness is not the same when separated by the glass of an e-reader.  Before I go to bed I like to read a Psalm.  Gran started me on this habit.  She would say, “Having the Lord touch your heart with His heart right before your eyes close will ensure the sweetest of dreams.” Sweet dreams, to you too, Gran.

Day #6: from where you live/your country

day 6

*Well, my skills as an editor are miserable and embarrassing.  I can’t get this photo to go horizontal even though it’s loaded that way in my picture folder*

*noted grumbling under breath

Day 6:
This one is all about where I live.  I live in AMERICA!! And I love my country.  It’s the land of Mickey Mouse, the Space Needle, Arizona desert, the Jackalope, and so, so much.  I want to travel America and be a tourist of the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty, and Kansas wheat fields.  I always stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school because I love being an American. My country tis of thee…Yay! Hot dogs, apple pie, and the Fourth of July!!!

Day #7: stars
day 7 starsStars are so cool.  Ages ago I used to collect them and would store my finds in a funky wood box I made. I had all kinds of stars ranging from one earring (lost its mate–so sad), to a bottle top to a pencil topper and all sorts of stars in between.  These stars are appropriate for this time of year, although we keep them up all year long.  They were an IKEA bargain bin mark down and I’m glad I plunked them in our cart as a last-minute splurge item.